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Thanks. You've been really helpful in short time of need. I'm really impressed by everything. Nice.
Serena S.
I got a loan and a great suv even though my credit isn't great.
Steven B.
Friendly people and very knowledgeable. Provided great service right away.
Rhea N.
I guess this is the best experience you can have in buying a car in Alberta. Exceptional service in all aspects.
Raj B.
Had a great experience with driven car loans. Got help right away and got a great new vehicle.
Colleen R.
Great service when I really needed a car and I was turned down by others.
Donna S.

How it Works


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Car Loans for Canadians

Driven Car Loans gets you the best rates all across Canada. Our application is easy and our process is stress free. We quickly match you with competitive lenders, and find you a good deal even if your credit is bad. Need a new vehicle? Apply, qualify, and browse our huge inventory. You could be driving a new car by the end of the day!

All Credit Accepted

Have some dark spots on your credit history? Don’t worry, it happens to a lot of people. We look at your whole financial situation—not just your credit score. We can even help you rebuild your credit. Qualify for a loan, find a vehicle, and improve your score as you drive. It’s that simple!

Why Work With Us?

Quick & Easy

Apply online in minutes. Drive away later today.

Transparent & Honest

No hidden fees. What you see is exactly what you get.


We find you the best rates by comparing lenders in the area. We compete for your business!

Huge Inventory

Shopping for a vehicle? We have tons to choose from. We can even help you find the best one.

Rebuild Your Credit

We find you the right loan for your budget, so you can improve your score as you drive.

No Hassle

Skip haggling at the dealership, and only work with lenders who will give you the best rates.

What Do I Need To Qualify?

If you’re a Canadian citizen with an income above $1,800 a month and a valid license, we can find you a loan. Our system analyzes your entire financial position, not just your credit score. If you’re employed, we can find you terms and interest rates to match your needs and get you on the road.

How Long Is The Process?

Apply in minutes, get an answer in hours, drive away within the day.

Once you submit your information through our online form, we’ll be hard at work finding you a great deal. Our system is 100% secure, and any information you give us will be used exclusively to get you a loan.

We compare multiple lenders. Once we find you the best options, you can look them over and choose the right one for you. With a large inventory of vehicles in a wide dealer network, we can help you find a vehicle quickly. In some cases, the whole process can happen within 24 hours!

What About My Credit?

Even if others have turned you away, we can find you a loan to meet your needs. We’ll assess your circumstance as a whole, and help you move forward. The great thing about online car loans is that they actually help you rebuild your credit! Not only can you sidestep the negative consequences of your financial past to get on the road, you can actually fix them as you drive.

How Can I Find a Vehicle?

Search through our inventory, or find your own great deal. You can take your new financing and negotiate on a car you’ve already found, or talk to our team. We’ll help you find a car, truck, or SUV that matches your loan amount and your needs. All of our vehicles have been carefully checked for safety, and expertly reconditioned by experienced mechanics. If you find fault with any of our vehicles, you can exchange at no additional cost.

Can I Trade In My Current Vehicle?

We gladly accept trade-ins. Our expert team will go over the vehicle to assess its condition and value, and offer you a fair price based on its real worth on the market. Use that price as a down payment on a new car loan, and get one step closer to owning the car you want.

How Do Car Loans Build Your Credit?

It’s simple! We qualify you based on your real circumstances, not your credit score. Then we give you a loan that you can afford at a rate that is fair. As you make your regular scheduled payments, we report back to the credit agencies, and your score gradually climbs. Meanwhile, you’ve got the car you need, without your financial past getting in your way. It’s a win-win.

Why Finance Online?

Banks and other brick and mortar financial institutions have a higher overhead, so they often need to charge you more.

Online loans have quicker turnaround time, and simpler paperwork. Why go through the hassle of visiting a bank in person, then waiting days just to find out you don’t qualify? We’ll get back to you immediately.

You can qualify, even if you have poor credit. Banks are often cautious to lend to people with a low score. We’ll look at your entire situation—not just your credit history—and help you get on the road.

Why Do We Accept Applications With Low Credit Scores?

There are all kinds of reasons why an individual might have a bad credit score and still be a responsible person. Divorces, accidents, past financial hardships: these things happen to all of us. What matters to us is if you currently have a steady income, and are prepared to make your car loan payments on time. We look at the whole picture, assess your situation fairly, and make it possible for you to move forward. We believe that this is a better deal for everybody.

Why Not Go Through Dealerships?

An auto dealer’s job is to get the best deal for their own business. That’s why they often work on commission. Even if you’ve negotiated a good deal on the car itself, financing can be another opportunity to add costs. Put yourself in a good bargaining position: When you apply online, we can compare multiple lenders. That means they have to compete to give you a loan. When you apply in person at a dealership, you are a captive audience. Even if the car you want is sitting in a dealer’s lot, financing through an online lender like Driven Car Loans allows you to walk in with a loan in hand, and a set budget. This gives you an advantage.

What are you waiting for? Fill out our free application today, and find the right auto loan for your needs.

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